Turn agricultural waste to briquette by using the briquetting machine

The biomass waste has many recycling ways:

  1. Electric generate – direct burn, gasification, etc.
  2. Liquid biofuel – methanol, ethanol, biodiesel, etc.
  3. Biogas
  4. Briquetting

Biogas and briquetting are the two simplest and easiest ways to deal with these waste.

Biogas is suitable for those small facilities with a small investment and efficiency,  but run a big biogas plant is low cost effective and need a large site to hold.

Briquetting is different, the investment would increase lower times as the capacity and much lower on the site ground requirement.

Thus bio waste briquetting work become popular around the world.

Useshengwuzhi the energy that’s hiding within biomass! Straw, hay, tobacco, nut shells, peat, miscanthus, shells from legumes, cotton wool, and flax are valuable raw materials that can be used for the production of energy.


The shape of the briquettes makes waste easily transportable and easier to sell. The heating value of the dense briquettes is far higher than loose materials.

With our broad range of briquetting machinery we provide the capability to efficiently shred materials such as plastics, wood, paper and cardboard, metal, biomass, and waste.