The briquetting system is made up of different kinds of machines with different functions which allows to briquette varies materials.

Each of the materials should be individually analyzed to make our investment returns higher.

Is it worth to briquette?
Is it easy to get the raw material?
Choose this machine or not?
Any alternative machines can perform better?
Choose the proper type briquetting machine?
Set it up with suitable pressure?
Is the finished briquette get the strength we wanted?

Too many things to think of before we set up our briquetting plant.

Find the major applications’ point here for the materials and briquetting system that runs in different areas.

  • Cokes, coal and charcoal ( production of briquettes for home heating or industrial purpose (partial coke oven charge, brìquettes treated to obtain formcoke, briquettes for gasification); Coal for production of activated carbon; Lignite, peat; )
  • Steel mill by-products (Mill scales, Steel-grids, Mill sludges/dust, Blast furnace sludges, EAF dust, Iron pellet fines, DRI fines, Ferro alloy fines, Coal + Coke fines, Etc …)
  • Clay
  • Lime, dolomite, magnesite
  • Salt
  • Minerals (alumina, bauxite, lime, dolomite, china clay, magnesia, fluorspar, paint pigments, sulphur, chromium, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, lead, zinc, etc.)
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Lithium carbonate
  • Micronutrients/Fertilizers
  • Gypsum from power station flue gas desulphurisatìon
  • Chemicals (sodium sulphate, sodium chloride, carbonates, sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, iron sulphate, potassium bromide, boric acid, urea, calcium hypochlorite, etc.)
  • Dried sewage sludge
  • Sugar
  • Frozen food
  • Detergents
  • Coke paste
  • Graphite, carbon black

Briquette Show

steel mill by-product briquette

steel mill by-product

Binder: Starch, etc.

base metal briquette

base metal

Binder: Calcium hydroxide, etc.

dolomite briquette


Binder: Starch, etc.

goethite briquette


Binder: Starch, etc.

bituminous coal briquette

bituminous coal

Binder: Molasses, etc.

silica briquette


Binder: Sodium silicate, etc.

HBI briquette


Binder: Binder free.

dmt dimethyl terephthalate briquette

DMT (dimethyl terephthalate)

Binder: Binder free.



Binder: starch, etc.

SiMn Silicon Manganese briquette

SiMn (Silicon Manganese)

Binder: starch, etc.

fluorspar fluorite briquette


Binder: Sodium silicate, etc.

Cu copper fine briquette

Cu sludge

Binder: Bentonite, etc.