MAXTON’S services include Consulting Backed by years of experience also the repairing service for shafts.

Maxton offers its customers the support of qualified engineers, who are able to assist in:

  • Analyzing process-related problems
  • Providing solutions to optimize your operations and increase production.


  • Project studies
  • Basic engineering

Project Studies

For reliable information on the economic feasibility of major projects, Maxton can provide an initial project study including the following topics:

  • Mass flow diagram
  • Flow sheet – representation of the briquetting / compaction system including flow lines, quantities, physical and chemical data, operating conditions
  • Equipment list and plant description
  • Estimated investment costs
  • Manpower estimate for the supervision of construction and commissioning
  • Manpower estimate for local construction and commissioning personnel

Basic Engineering

In addition to the information included in a project study, basic engineering covers plant layout (general arrangement) and a detailed mechanical and electrical equipment description.

This document can form the basis for the purchase of individual items of equipment as well as for the construction of the plant.

Our specialist services cover running plant visit, plant audits, process layout, engineering, supply of complete briquetting / compaction systems or key equipment, supervision of installation and commissioning as well as training.

Shaft Repairing

You may face worn sub-assembly.

MAXTON’s engineering and service staff has years of experience repairing shafts and rebuilding sub-assemblies, which can provide a cost-effective and efficient alternative to replacing individual parts.

Send back your shafts with rolls, or shafts with rolls, bearing blocks and couplings for a complete and thorough examination to check for cracks and other issues that may be affecting your production quality.

Replacement Shafts Services include shaft inspection, reconditioning, plating, grinding, honing and resurfacing. With a large capacity machine shop and welding department, our facility is outfitted to repair shafts, remachine and rebuild sub-assemblies of all shapes and sizes.

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