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Different briquette binder for coal briquette, coke briquettes

By using a coal briquetting machine or a coke briquetting machine, these fine/dust can be easily turned to briquette. One thing in this briquetting process make things become easier, that is – binder.

The coal briquette and coke briquette binders have a dual function in the briquette making process.

1. it can infiltrate the coal particles, form a binder bridge to connect the particles, enhance the interaction between the coal/coke, and bond the particles together.

2. When carbonized, it can form a colloidal body, and the inert components are bonded together to form a high mechanical strength coal/coke briquette.

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Coal briquetting technology – process, binder and the briquette machine

why doing coal briquetting

Coal briquetting is a process which turn the coal dust to briquette. Compare to directly use coal dust as fuel, use coal briquette not only helps to reduce the burning cost (reduce 20-30% of coal dust usage), but also makes benefit to the environment.

So, how can we make briquette from the coal dust, what things should we pay attention to on the briquetting process, follow our article and you’ll find your own way on coal briquetting.

Coal briquetting process

A simple coal briquetting process normally follow the way below

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