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The principle of biomass briquetting and bio briquette process

What is biomass briquetting

Biomass briquetting is to briquette and carbonize the scattered, light, difficult to store cellulose biomass, turn it to a kind of fuel. Biomass briquetting can increase capacity and calorific value of biomass, improve combustion performance, make the bio waste become a kind of commodity energy source. This conversion technology is increasingly accepted by people around the world now.

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How to make biomass briquette and pellet – biofuel technology

Biomass energy is the fourth energy resource in the world after coal, oil and natural gas.

Unlike other highly utilized energy sources, biomass is a renewable energy source.

There are various types of biomass, such as agricultural production waste, forestry waste and flammable biomass can be used as biomass fuels, which are rich in source and easily accessible.

Moreover, the production and processing of biomass forming fuel are convenient, the use and operation are simple, the economic benefits are considerable, and it is harmless and pollution-free. Therefore, the research and promotion of biomass fuel briquetting or pelletizing have great social and economic benefits.

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How moisture affects the biomass briquetting process

The biomass briquetting technology is a technique for compressing various loose biomass raw materials into a certain shape, big strength and density fuel briquette by heating and pressing techniques.

Common biomass waste includes sawdust, wood shavings, wood flour, crop straw, rice husk, etc.

The high moisture, irregular shape and size, and low bulk density of biomass feedstocks make it difficult to process, transport, store and utilize.

But when these biomass materials are processed into briquettes, the density is greatly improved, and the cost of transportation and storage is reduced.

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5 factors that will affect biomass fuel briquetting process and quality

There are many factors that will affect the biomass briquetting process, everyone who is making biomass briquette from biomass briquetting machine wants to improve the quality of the briquette, so what are the factors affect the biomass process and the quality? Mainly the factors are as follow:

Raw material types

The briquetting properties of different types of raw materials vary widely.

The type of raw material not only affects the briquette quality, such as the density, strength, and calorific value, but also affects the output and power consumption of the briquetting machine.

Among a large number of agricultural and forestry wastes, some plants are easy to be compressed and briquetted after being crushed, and some are more difficult.

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