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Is cold dust briquette from roll press workable in blast furnace

From the current point of view, in the field of metallurgical industry production, in order to overcome the limitation of large demand and insufficient supply of resources, iron and steel enterprises have been investigating and studying how to realize the circulation of solid wastes so as to build a circular economy in the iron and steel industry.

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5 ways to deal with the dust and sludge coming from the metallurgical process

Various types of dust and sludge are inevitably produced in the main process of metallurgical production. Waste from dry collection is called dust, and from wet collection is called sludge. Due to the shortage of mineral resources and the decline in grades, the output of sintering dust ash, blast furnace iron ash ash, converter and electric furnace steel smelting dust, steel rolling iron dust sludge, copper metallurgical precipitation sludge, etc. in the smelting production process has continued to increase.
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