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Roller Briquette Press

Why briquetting

Briquetting brings lots of benefit for material handling, general as follow:

  • Reduce volume
  • Stable mixture during processing
  • Eliminate/reduce dust problems
  • Control the hardness of raw materials
  • Reduce the cost of packaging, storage and shipping
  • Improve product performance
  • Improve handling

What is a roller briquette press

Roller briquette press is a kind of pressurised agglomeration equipment which is equipped with two rollers.


Screw feeding or gravity feeding hopper, roller, motor, reducer, etc.

Briquetting way

Binder way

If the cohesive forces (particulate cohesion, valence forces, recrystallization, van Der Waals forces) between the particles are low, a binder has to be used before agglomeration. The physical properties of the feed material, the end use of the briquettes and the cost of binder addition have to be taken into account before a selection is made.

Binders are added to raw materials that cannot alone densify to form strong briquettes. The addition of a binder results in enhanced bonding and more stable properties in the briquettes produced.

The amount of binder to be added depends on the binding properties of the raw material and the binding agent. The densifying and binding ability of the briquette machine also determines whether a binding agent is necessary or not. That is, use of a briquette machine with high pressure would reduce the need for use of a binding agent.

Binder examples: starch, bentonite, bitumen, lime, cement, water, flour, lignosulphonates, molasses, polymer, resin, sodium silicate, etc.

Binder-free (binderless) way

Binder free way means to briquette the raw material with binder.

Typical pressure industrial usage

Advantanges of using a roller briquetting press

Constant operability with relatively low demand for energy;

A longer life span of moulding components as compared to other briquetting machines (e.g., screw or stamping types) or pressurised granulators;

Applications fileds

heavy industry

chemical  industry

pharmaceutical industry

power industry

detailed usage…

Types of roller briquette press from Maxton

high pressure double shaft output briquette machine

Cold Briquette Type

For all kinds of normal temperature raw materials

hot type briquette machine with cooling system

Hot Briquetting Type

Material briquetting over temperature of 150 Celsius.

lab scale roller briquetter for lab test

Lab & Pilot Type

Small amount raw materials needed for lab test.

medium pressure roller briquette machine model 750


Upgrading and converting undesirable dust fines into salable granular product.

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