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Roller Briquette Press

Why briquetting

Briquetting brings lots of benefit for material handling, general as follow:

  • Reduce volume
  • Stable mixture during processing
  • Eliminate/reduce dust problems
  • Control the hardness of raw materials
  • Reduce the cost of packaging, storage and shipping
  • Improve product performance
  • Improve handling

What is a roller briquette press

A roller briquette press is equipped with two rollers which works under……


Briquetting way

Binder way

Binder-free (binderless) way

Typical pressure industrial usage

Types of roller briquette press from Maxton

medium pressure roller briquette machine model 750

Medium Pressure Type

Pressure under 50kN/cm.

high pressure briquette machine for steel mill res

High Pressure Type

Pressure more than 50kN, normally around 50-160kN/cm.

Super High Pressure Type

Pressure over 200kN/cm.

hot type briquette machine with cooling system

Hot Briquetting Type

Material briquetting over temperature of 150 Celsius.

lab scale roller briquetter for lab test

Lab Scale Type

Pressure adjustable for lab test.