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From Bio Waste
to Biofuel

Agriculture waste briquetting system

Mineral to Metal
Find your dust value

recycle industry waste with
Roller Briquette Press

Waste Recycling Briquetting System

MaxTon adds value to these industry and agriculture waste, with the complete line of machines for preparation and continuous briquetting work.

Our strong technology and experience on briquetting come from our decade’s working. With testing, application engineering, installation, and after-sale service,  better and reliable solution will be a return on your investment.

merchanical briquetting machine


Agricultural Waste Recycle

Renewable replacement for fossil fuels.

Wood Briquetting

An advanced biomass briquette with high fuel value.

Charcoal Briquette Making

The most popular briquette worldwide today.

Steel Plant

Find how briquetting machine works there.

Power Station

Not only fuel briquettes exist, but also briquette for the waste.

Chemical Industry

Where an alternative clean energy comes from.

About Maxton

Maxton is a trustworthy global supplier of high quality briquetting machines and equipment – Maxton provides high performance and easy-to-use solutions to any briquetting need.
As an attractive, reliable and professional business partner. Over the years Maxton has provided its innovative solutions to many different companies in various geographic locations – from Russia to South Africa.
Maxton’s briquetting solutions offer best performance, massive capacity and overall durability on all parameters. Briquetting presses from Maxton are powerful, durable and reliable.

Want to learn how briquetting impoves your work and the benefit for your business?

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