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Waste Recycling Turnkey Briquette Systems

MaxTon adds value to these industry waste, with the complete line of machines for preparation and continuous briquetting work.

Our strong technology and experience on briquetting come from our decade’s working. With testing, application engineering, installation, and after-sale service,  better and reliable solution will be a return on your investment.

  • Detailed customized solutions for your needs
  • Leading process expert in the field of briquetting
  • Team of experts keeps lowing your engineering costs


Charcoal, coal and cokes

use rotardy kiln can get quick lime and dololime from limestone and dolomite

Lime, dolomite, magnesite

different minerals



Metals and metal alloys

Reference Projects

magnesium ore fine briquette system 12 t/h
Manganese ore briquette system 2 t/h
ferromanganese briquetting system 10tph
Ferromanganese briquetting system 6 t/h
mill scale, dry gcp sludge briquette making 20t/h
Mill scale, dry GCP sludge briquette making 25t/h
Manganese metal briquette plant 10t/h*2

Briquette Machine

medium pressure roller briquette machine model 750

Medium Pressure Type

Specific pressing force below 50 kN/cm

Typical usage: coal, charcoal, coke, mineral ores, sewage sludge, etc.

high pressure briquette machine for steel mill res

High Pressure Type

Specific pressing force more than 50kN/cm, normally 50-160 kN/cm

Typical usage: lime, dololime, salt, DRI, lignite, metal fine, mineral ore, etc.

hot type briquette machine with cooling system

Hot Briquetting Type

For materials or mixes require briquetting under high temperatures

Typical usage: lignite, coke, dust and coal mixes, HBI, etc

About Maxton

Maxton is a trustworthy global supplier of high quality briquetting machines and equipment – Maxton specializes in complete process solutions for the by-product management and resource recovery for iron & steel mills, mining, mineral, chemical, gypsum, fertilizer, and other applications.
As an attractive, reliable and professional business partner. Over the years Maxton has provided its well-rounded solutions to many different companies in various geographic locations – from Russia to South Africa.
Maxton’s briquetting solutions offer the best performance, massive capacity and overall durability on all parameters. Briquetting presses from Maxton are powerful, durable and reliable.

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